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Microwave Pasta Maker

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Making pasta in your microwave is a doddle with this all-in-one, easy-to-use pasta cooker. You can measure, cook, drain and mix, and go from cold water to perfectly cooked al dente pasta in 12 minutes… with no water boiling over and no pan to wash. And you can even store unused portions in the fridge for reheating later.

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                                 NO MORE WAITING FOR WATER TO BOIL  

With our microwave, you can get your pasta done faster without having to wait for the water to boil. No need for large pots and heating up the kitchen. Best of all, no scalding when pouring out the water and trying not to miss the colander with the pasta! Excellent to use for frozen ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, and noodles.

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                                      SERVE YOUR PASTA IN 15 MINUTES 

Forget the old way to cook pasta. Boiling several quarts of water would take at least 25 minutes, then you need another 7-15 min to get pasta done. With this microwavable cookware, you only need 15 minutes to boil water and cook pasta together until done for 2 servings. Your pasta will be done even before you warm up the sauce.



Food grade material: This ramen microwave cooker is made of food-grade PP material. You don’t have to worry about the chemicals that might seep into your food anymore.

Heat resistant:  It’s durable and not easily detach whilst also heat-resistant; making it perfectly safe to be put in the microwave.

Perfect for all types of noodles: Not only pasta noodles, this versatile microwave pasta maker works great to cook egg noodles and lasagna noodles.

Also used for veggies: Try to steam some vegetables and it does the job wonderfully. This microwave cooker is so handy, quick and easy to clean up! No boiling water then stirring constantly so no sticking.

Perfect pasta anytime: Try some recipe in our eBook given when you purchase this pasta cooker. Another simple tip for perfect pasta, salt your pasta cooking water a little bit to add taste and create a good texture. Hurry and order yours while the stock lasts!

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  • Material:           Plastic
  • Color:               Red
  •  Weight:           1.34 Pounds
  • Dimensions:    11.02 x 8.78 x 5.39 inches

    • 1 x Microwave.
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