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The gloves gave my fifteen year-old grandson the added confidence to shuck oysters for the first time. He's been eating raw oysters for years and loving them so I ordered some fresh raw oysters form Massachusetts (we live in Houston) for his fifteenth birthday. Up until now he had only dealt with oysters already opened like you get in restaurants. He took to it like a champ after his father showed him how. Thanks gadgetsry! 

Just used these gloves with a SHARP mandolin to make razor-thin shallots for a made-from-scratch green bean casserole for the holidays. I'm SO happy I bought these because they WORK exceptionally well! I set my mandolin to the thinnest setting and used these gloves to get the finest thinly cut shallots. Love, love, love this product. They fit like a glove! Hahaha.. puntended. :-) If you're culinary inclined, it's a very practical item to have in your must-have culinary cutlery collection.

These gloves are a perfect fit and work amazingly well, especially considering the reasonable price. I am a hobbyist woodcarver and frequent cuts are relatively common problem for woodcarvers. Since wearing these gloves, I have yet to have any cuts or injuries from my hobby and I can't imagine going back to carving without them. These gloves took maybe an hour or so to get used to; just retraining the muscle memory because they add a small amount of thickness to your fingers.

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